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Another Swatch it on my blog!


I swapped this nail lacquer with Wojis. She did review the Pink one which was inside my BeautyBox this month.


It’s a kind of Gel Effect. I never tried this before…


First layer!


Second layer… okay that looks good!


Just for fun! I liked my pose (strike it baby!)


This is with a topcoat,… And Yes a fast dry!

I used 3 layers,  was not happy with the result.
Dries fast.
Looks pretty thick, but after a night on my nails it was a lot less gelly!



Stamping with Moyou London plate Bridal Collection 07.
Used Konad stamping polish and also the Konad Stamping top coat.


The holo nailpolish I used is from Pupa 034.

You can buy the NailsInc nail polish online (not in the Netherlands BUMMER).
Price: 14/24 dollar




20 thoughts on “Swatch it | NailsInc | Gel Effect | Regents Place

  1. Deze kleur lijkt erg op Lapis of Luxury van Essie. Toevallig heb ik die vandaag op. Maar daar moest ik vanochtend toch een vierde laagje van kakken. Valt me tegen van Essie en ik denk dat ik het door jou geswatchte lakje niet op mijn wenslijst zet.

    Mooie nailart!

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